An interview with Harrods

An interview with Harrods
The Founders

Now in our third season with the prestigious Harrods store, LIMITATO speaks to one of the key figures in the success of our brand evolution. Meet menswear buyer, Marc Schmitt.

Can you briefly describe your position at Harrods?

I am one of the menswear buyers and covering the Contemporary area. The range of brands is very mixed in our rooms. My responsibilities are brands like Jacob Cohen up to Alyx.

When did you first come into contact with the LIMITATO brand?

The agent in London introduced me to Limitato. This was for the season SS19.

What were your initial thoughts?

Since I am seeing a lot of brands during my travels, Limitato stood out straight away. Just a different approach to other brands.

Did you think it would be a popular brand for the Harrods clientele?

Already very successful for us😉

Describe your typical male customer?

The range is very broad, since we are getting a lot of tourists into Harrods. The main customer we seem to have consistently are Middle Eastern, Chinese and locals to London.

How has LIMITATO performed since it started with you?

We had a great start with Limitato from day one. The shop floor staff saw an instant interest from the customer and we are very happy.

What, if any, feedback do you get specifically about the brand?

Customers love the mix of art and fashion. For some clients the T-Shirts are the perfect gift, with the great presentation and certificate.

What do you think of the brand’s evolution and where it is today?

The brand has been growing very quickly within their range. Each season the guys are stepping up their game and showing so much innovation. I am sure there is a lot more to come.

What would you like to see going forward from the brand?

The brand is taking the right steps in the business. I am just looking forward to growing with the brand together.

Any personal favourites?

I am loving the new tracksuit pants for AW20. Unfortunately, we will need to wait until their drop into store.

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