About us

Few things grab hold of us like art...

Our story

There are few things that grab hold of us like art. It awakens our imagination and creativity, it feeds our ability to innovate and change. Art make us ignore differences, reach out and connect across barriers and engage honestly in ways only deeply social experiences can do.

We believe that great art should drive cultural change and lead collaborative expressions. Our partnerships challenge the way art is to be appreciated by mixing worlds of fashion, hospitality and current affairs.

Limitato has come together with some of the world’s most illustrious artists and photographers; from their collections we use selected pieces and convert them into ’Limitato Wearable Art’. The love, and the attention to detail that goes into every piece of our limited edition garments reflects the exceptional calibre of the original work.

In 2015 Limitato partnered with Terry O’Neill, laying the foundation for future projects inspired by our passion for art and photography as well as our desire to share it in new ways. Mr O’Neill has been at the frontline of creative fame for over 50 years and Limitato’s exclusive designs feature his profiles of an array of film & rock n roll legends such as Raquel Welch and the late David Bowie.