Collection: Javier Martin

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Javier Martin's "Blindness" collection, renowned for its captivating exploration of contemporary issues. With a background steeped in oil painting from a young age, Martin's multidisciplinary approach defies convention, transcending borders from Europe to the United States.

Uncover the evolution of Martin's iconic collection, where vibrant strokes of paint and glowing neon lights conceal eyes, inviting reflection on modern-day complexities. From prestigious exhibitions worldwide to a landmark solo showcase at Valli Art Gallery New York, Martin's artistry challenges norms in beauty and lifestyle perceptions.

Experience a pivotal moment in Martin's career with his debut solo museum exhibition at the Seoul Museum, marking a milestone in Spring 2019. Now, in partnership with Limitato, Javier Martin's visionary art finds dynamic expression in the world of fashion, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary creativity. Explore the fusion of art and style with Martin's "Blindness" collection today.

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