Collection: Craig Alan

Delve into the world of Craig Alan, a visionary artist whose prolific career is marked by deep artistic knowledge and a keen aesthetic sense. From his early days of "slow and studied" application to his current "fast and free-moving" style, Alan's evolution has culminated in breathtaking artworks that defy convention. Using his remarkable talent for hand-painting hundreds and thousands of miniature people and unique elements, Alan creates brilliant images of celebrities and pays homage to pop art greats. The Populus Series, featured in collaboration with Limitato, offers a creative interpretation of movie stars, musicians, heads of state, and iconic figures past and present. Translated onto luxurious Limitato garments, Alan's paintings redefine the concept of "wearable art." Explore this exclusive collection and experience the fusion of art and fashion in every detail.

The exclusive limited collection has sold out due to high demand.