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Zoo Manager by Terry O'Neill Limited to 300 pieces A Wearable Art T-Shirt down Artwork Story plus View Size Guide

Artwork Story Zoo Manager

Presenting an incredible piece of wearable art featuring British actor John Cleese posing with a collection of stuffed animals in a publicity shot for his role as Zoo Manager in the 1997 comedy ‘Fierce Creatures’.

John Cleese was born in England, 1939. His father, ironically, changed his surname during the First World War from Cheese to Cleese since he thought Cheese sounded funny. In 1963, John Cleese decided to follow his interest in comedy, which he might have inherited from his father. He had been in a Footlights show called Cambridge Circus. Cleese soon landed a job writing jokes for BBC Radio. He later made the move to television, working on a new venture called Monty Python's Flying Circus, which grew to be one of the most influential comedy series and placed Cleese as one of Britain’s foremost comedians.

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