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The day after - BP by Terry O'Neill Limited to 300 pieces A Wearable Art T-Shirt down Artwork Story plus View Size Guide

Artwork Story The day after - BP

From our Terry O’Neill collection we are proud to present this iconic piece of artistic photography featuring the incredible actress Faye Dunaway.

This photo was captured the morning after Faye Dunaway won an Oscar for her role in the movie Network. The usual Oscar’s photo is taken in the press room when the statuette is handed over to the winner, but Mr. O’Neill wanted to do something different. He wanted to capture the real story behind winning and Oscar. Having been to the Oscar’s several times before, Terry O’Neill knew that the real story was the day after. The day when they suddenly realize that their whole world is going to change. He shared his idea with the actress and she agreed to take the picture. They got up at 6 a.m. and captured one of the most Hollywood pictures of all time.

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