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We are timeless.

Our story

At Limitato, we believe in challenging the status quo of how art is perceived. Thus, we have partnered up with some of the world’s most illustrious artists and photographers. From their collections, we have selected a few artworks and converted them into something we like to call “Wearable Art”.

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  • Level 1 From their collections, we have selected a few artworks and converted them into something we like to call “Wearable Art”.
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The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every piece of Limitato’s limited edition garments reflects that of the world-class images featured. 

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In 2015 Limitato entered a partnership with Terry O’Neill, laying the foundation for a project inspired by our deep passion for art and photography as well as our desire to share and give it new exhibition spaces. Mr O’Neill has been at the frontline of fame for over 50 years and Limitato’s exclusive designs feature film and rock n roll legends such as Hollywood superstar Raquel Welch and the late David Bowie photographed by Mr. O’Neill.

“I love working with young entrepreneurs with lots of energy and big ideas” says Terry O’Neill. “When I saw the quality of their T-Shirt design I got really excited. I am proud to wear one myself”

Our Vision

Bold prints are the hallmark of all Limitato collections. Our mission is to share some of the most iconic art pieces of our world, in a personal and distinct way.

The Limitato tee is decorated with a velvet print that makes a sophisticated contrast to the soft, high-quality, mercerized jersey.

The tee is cut in a contemporary fit and looks astonishing together with all kinds of pants or skirts. Our classic garments are perfect for a night down town as well as a day on the road.

Each piece is Limited, assigned with a number and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Looking ahead, we continue to expand our portfolio of collaborations, iconic and contemporary, with artists that we feel express the notions of joy, adventure and freedom – a freedom to be true to oneself.

Limitato is an endeavour to celebrate a golden age and to salute a new one. It’s about cherishing the past and marvelling at the possibilities for the future. We hope our clothes will inspire and energise you to live in your own golden age.

In good company

When we manufacture Limitato, quality is not an option but an expectation.

Sure, we could make our product cheaper by using factories in China or India but then we couldn’t vouch for the quality of the raw materials, the relentless testing, the craftsmanship or the treatment of the workforce.

In Portugal we have partnered with a family business that is GOTS certified for organic materials, has its own lab for regulated testing and treats the workers like an extended family. It is here, that Limitato becomes a partner, not just another brand. The product you are about to discover has all been hand finished in one village – from the yarn and the garment to the branding and the box itself.

We take mood boards to Portugal every season to test and develop the range and then visit again to view the production and ensure quality control. One only has to see the couture brands being carefully embellished by the dedicated employees to know we are in good company and in good hands.

Limitato – quality in everything we do.

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