Collection Info

Collection Title The Feather Series down Artworks

Collection Story The Feather Series

Art is not always about what you see, it is what you can make others see…

You are invited into the heart of LIMITATO and our Feather Series to create your own stories and perceptions from the windows we provide for you to peer through.

Subtlety, brashness, poignancy, are just some of the elements which drive the LIMITATO brand - laying the foundations and creating the boards for you to walk on to enjoy experiences that are completely bespoke.

We embrace individualism and hero community.

Featuring our family of truly creative masters, LIMITATO becomes the host to a series of stories and journeys that only you can decide to take, but each one harnessing the values of sartorial excellence, craftsmanship and a freedom of expression that only LIMITATO can provide.

Jackson Pollock famously said that 'every good painter, paints what he is'. At LIMITATO we create who we are.

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