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The evolution of LIMITATO is upon us, where we have conceived Wearable Art as a global principle and we progress our collections to empower our ever-growing community of followers. Part of that evolution is manifested in our all-new accessory range and in particular the Sleaker - a product invented by us and one that sets the LIMITATO tone from the feet upwards. A merger of two distinct products via the Sneaker and the Slipper, the Sleaker takes on a charming character of its own where we incorporate a core velvet material and narrowed finish at the toe, with an innovative, modern lightweight sole for a product that smacks of luxury style with the ultimate in comfort thrown in for good measure. There is no competition, there is no other option for our community. This is simply a true statement footwear range with a distinct sophisticated style across a selection of our favourite collaborators as well as our Signature LIMITATO collection.

Our Sleaker range is given a real stamp of independence via our collaboration with partnering artist and friend of LIMITATO Jean- Paul Fauves. Inspired by the subconscious and an individuals soul, which drives creativity in us all, Fauves paintings engage with questions of identity and how they relate to not only art his- tory but also our everyday interactions. Greatly inspired by modernist masters as well as pop-artists, Fauves mixes fragments of different iconic images in vivid and colourful compositions and we simply love the final result. We hope you find the Fauves Sleaker collection as cools we do...

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