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At LIMITATO we have built the foundations of a new wave of Wearable Art with a difference. A uniqueness that will stand the test of time.

This isn’t about merely putting ‘cool’ imagery onto luxury materials. On the contrary, our approach and vision for the brand has always been so much more. 

We work tirelessly with the best and most respected partners globally to create new and emerging icons that make up each and every one of our collections.

In a phrase much more fitting, we are the 'Curators of Carefully Considered Art’ - focussed on limited edition pieces and attention to detail surrounding the visions we showcase. Meticulous packaging and certification to inspire those who wear our product.

Yes, we see many T-shirts out there with cool images of bands, rock stars, fashion portraits and so on...but our purpose and positioning is poles apart - owning and sourcing the rights to specific individual imagery by some of the worlds most famous names and subjects drives our growing ambition to form luxury style with meaning. 

The world of LIMITATO presents art and photography in a new and exciting move for an audience that are primed for the knowledge. From Terry O’Neill and Gered Mankowitz through to Craig Alan, RIOCAM and Javier Martin, our works are from the gods of art and photography, both old and new.

We welcome you to that knowledge

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