Collection: Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi is a globally acclaimed painter known for his captivating female portraits. His artwork has been showcased in prestigious international art fairs including Art Basel, Scope Art Fair, and the Moscow Art Fair. Notably, Grassi had the honor of opening the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Renowned for his distinctive style, Grassi emphasizes the identity of the female figure within the context of each painting, establishing a profound connection between subject and viewer. Despite being occasionally mislabeled as a 'pop artist', Grassi's use of vibrant colors and focus on the female form evoke a unique and engaging aesthetic. Through his collaboration with Limitato, Grassi's art finds new expression in the realm of fashion, inviting viewers to experience his mesmerizing portrayals in wearable form.

The exclusive limited collection has sold out due to high demand.