Collection: Luca Giovagnoli

Luca was born in 1963 in Rimini, where he still lives. He works between Rimini and Milan. His first approach to art came with graphics powered by the passion for comics.

Then he comes falling in love for the colors and created the first artworks that led him to make his debut with a solo exhibition in 1991. Since then his canvases are populated with themes inspired by past ages.

A lot of people have already asked themselves, and a lot more will do so after having seen these painting, what on earth are these figures doing, what they want to express these faces, cut out as they are from other times and other places.

As Davide Rondoni wrote about them: “just like someone who does not want to lose himself, (....) who does not wish to be lost in oblivion. Who is not resigned to being confined for ever in another place, in another blurred, forsaken existence, somewhere in finished past time as compared to the chaotic and vibrant perception of present time. The human figures here in the painting ask, albeit posturing iniquitously, dissimulating, occasionally simpering and making up, to exist once again”.

The technique currently used by Luca is acrylic oil on canvas or paper. 

The exclusive limited collection has sold out due to high demand.