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Collection Title Hunter S Thompson Collection down Artworks

Collection Story Hunter S Thompson Collection

When your send-off involves being shot from a cannon in front of the likes of Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp, it’s a sure-fire proof that you’ve managed to tap into the ultra cool and off the chart mad-set.

American Author and journalist Hunter S Thompson was definitely somebody that managed to do just that. Even in his passing at 67 he didn’t merely pass away in his sleep. He shot himself.

In fact, balding Thompson was admired by the A-list and arguably the leader of them all. Politically driven, anti-establishment and a man with a penchant for illegal narcotics, alcohol and firearms, Thompson was, to put it mildly a highly complex character with the freedom to think his own way.

We celebrate this icon through the Hunter S Thompson collection. Explore and enjoy!

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