Collection: Dina Broadhurst

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of Dina Broadhurst, where seduction, glamour, and artistry converge in captivating photomontages that challenge societal norms. From her beginnings in various fields to her realization that art is her true passion, Broadhurst's glamorous prints adorn the homes and hotspots of Sydney's fashion elite. Her signature style features gorgeous, lithe women adorned with flowers and glitter, conveying powerful messages on sexuality, glamour, and consumerism. Despite her provocative Instagram presence, where she often photographs herself nude with diamonds obscuring her nipples, Broadhurst prefers to be behind the camera, capturing moments of raw beauty and unapologetic sensuality. In collaboration with Limitato, we celebrate Broadhurst's evocative artwork, inviting you to experience the allure of her seductive imagery and explore the depths of human expression.

The exclusive limited collection has sold out due to high demand.