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RIOCAM's unique and fast-way of working is down to his exposure as creative director of the Toys For Boys magazine when his time with models was often a window of just 10 minutes.

“That has most definitely shaped the way I work, but it has become almost second nature to me and I learned to work like this very quickly,” he says “understanding the heat and the intense sun and where it sits in Miami is very important too. It is brutal here, but helps to capture beautiful imagery and the wonderful bold, vibrant colours we have."

Understanding that photographers are often seen as carrying ‘baggage’ and ‘issues’ RIOCAM still holds a great admiration generically for those men and women behind the camera. He himself used the creative process as therapeutic process to create what he describes as an ‘escapism’ and the ‘creation of fantasy’ with humour playing its part.

First meeting LIMITATO seven years ago in MIAMI, RIOCAM says it was an immediate attraction through his love of both fashion and photography to support the new Wearable Art movement, “It was something I got right away, I think the idea of people being a moving, walking, talking canvas is and was intriguing, and the product itself does those images full justice. I love the guys too.” he says.

Today, we release the Art Deco collection together. Explore and enjoy!


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