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Times by Terry O'Neill Limited to 300 pieces A Wearable Art Velour T-Shirt down Artwork Story plus View Size Guide

Artwork Story Times

Presenting the piece “Times’ from our collaboration with photographer Terry O’Neill, starring Sir Sean Connery.

Born in 1930, Fountainbridge, Scotland, Sir Sean Connery quit school at the age of thirteen to work full time at the local dairy shop. At the age of 16, he joined the British Royal Navy and later received two tattoos that reads “Mum and Dad’ and “Scotland Forever’. Fast forward to 1962, Connery had his breakthrough when he introduced James Bond to the big screen which today is regarded as our times most iconic agent. Since that moment, he has been awarded the most prestigious awards. Known as “the Rogue With the Brogue’, Sir Sean Connery was voted as People Magazine’s sexiest man alive at the age of 59, which is regarded by some as a tremendous achievement.

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