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C4PR1C0RN by Massimo Agostinelli Limitied to 1500 pieces A Wearable Art T-Shirt down Artwork Story plus View Size Guide

Artwork Story C4PR1C0RN

A special and unique collaboration with one of our celebrated partners Agostinelli sees us unveil the Zodiac Sign series.

Each T-shirt is delivered in a relaxed, luxury fit featuring a printed glitter panel. Each one depicting one of the 12 star signs. Presented totally in black to mimic space and the glitter to reference the stars at night. A perfect statement piece for an evening in a bar or club and with box print logo on the yoke.

The names playfully worked as a signature of Agostinelli’s art. Here we present C4PR1C0RN for people born between December 22nd to January 20th 

More by the Artist

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