Speaking to the founders of Limitato

Speaking to the founders of Limitato
The Founders

How does it feel to be four years in to your career as the founders of a growing fashion brand?

It’s amazing to think that it’s just four years since we appeared last-minute at Pitti Uomo having driven all the way from Gothenburg in Sweden. That could be a lifetime ago because so much has happened in-between. Of course, for us, behind the scenes the time-frame has been much longer.

Inspirations, thought processes and what you thought you wanted and where you think you are headed all change in this business, it’s such a roller-coaster ride of emotions and potential bumps in the road but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s exciting, no day is the same and to see where we have come from is truly unfathomable at times.

What hasn’t wavered is our focus on creating garments with a difference, that have a very detailed finishing and artisanal quality and that offer a real style alternative for a consumer that is independent, forward-thinking but also driven by an evolution of old meets new.

How has life changed from 2017/2018 through to now?

Oh hugely. We started out really specialising in T-shirts working alongside icons and long-standing collaborators such as Terry O’Neill and Norman Parkinson and we drove the luxury cotton fabric alongside our now statement velvet patch which carried the artwork. This was the birth of Wearable Art as a movement and trying to channel our story. It was and remains really tricky for people to understand what we’re doing, but we have always felt confident that we were fusing art and style and delivering it to a new audience - people that might never have seen it.

Today, we are evolving that offer. The collections have grown, the styles have changed and we take the next step on our learning curve to become world-renowned leaders of art-inspired luxury fashion.

The whole team loves very different things. That’s the beauty of working organically with people you like and can trust - it’s an honest, open platform where everyone can play their part.

New Arrivals

 Experience the fusion of fashion and art with Limitato.