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Crowd Series

01 05

Turning the focus to adoration, expectation and wonderment has given our Wearable Art a very different type of energy and vibe via our ‘Crowd Collection’.


The imagery, taken by the legend Terry O’Neill at a David Bowie gig, captures the realness and power of influence that has been captured in just a moment in time.
A wave of completeness and surge of love is conjured as the lens is turned away from the subject to the power of the people, where we can feel and almost touch what it means to truly be alive.

“ The idea of this collection is to feel reborn when you wear it. We want to bring you into another universe. We want you to have that specific feeling,” says co-founder Gustav Peterson.

"We want to elevate the idea of all-over printing and we want it to be authentic. Every wearer should feel the vibe of standing on the stage hearing all those people scream. That’s what really inspired us from the very beginning. That specific feeling."

Editor In Chief
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