An image can carry so much power

An image can carry so much power
The Founders

An image can carry so much power. They can take us way beyond the realms of human impact or reaction and into the boardrooms of corporations, the lifestyles of global communities and even the power sources of brands.

In 2017, the US Fox network was sued for $30 million for allegedly using images of Muhammad Ali having not asked or paid for the privilege. An icon captured through a lens, proving its own power and weight in value.

The above highlights the importance of licensing, which is at the very heart of the LIMITATO brand and perhaps the most important element to us achieving and realising our collections season-on-season. This factor, behind the scenes, is perhaps the lifeblood of what we do and what makes us tick - we are after all not just another T-shirt brand carrying logos. This is the Wearable Art movement.

It is with this very much in mind that we are delighted to showcase our latest collection featuring the 'Louisville Lip' himself courtesy of our partnership with Iconic Images and Authentic Brands Group.

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