A Conversation with Chad McQueen

A Conversation with Chad McQueen
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As a brand specialising in the world of fine art and photography, our paths often cross, or collide with some of the most famous names on the planet and their wider families. The man below is no exception….

A celebrity in his own right and a face that many recognise in Hollywood, Chad McQueen has the name. As you may have guessed or gathered his father is the late, great Steve McQueen, arguably one of the greatest ever film stars to have graced the big screen and most certainly in the top ten.

Here we speak to Chad about his own memories of his monumentally famous father around the backdrop of the imagery captured by our long-term collaborator Terry O’Neill via London-based Iconic Images.

Chad, firstly, thank you for answering the below questions for us. We are privileged to be speaking with you about your father.

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